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Thank you for learning more about my process of creating Custom Paintings and looking at my Gallery of Artworks.

I am a Fine Artist creating original hand-drawn and digital artworks for private and commercial Clients.


I work in a variety of styles, mediums, and techniques to help you bring your vision to life.


Painting Brushes




After the Digital sketch is approved and the Artwork deposit is paid, the actual painting begins! On average, it takes about 1 - 7 days to create an artwork (it all depends on the size and the level of detail). Once the Artwork is created, I will send you images of the final artwork for your review and approval, and make final edits if needed.



Once the artwork is finalized, it will be delivered to you within 14 - 21 days, or sooner, but a rush delivery charge may apply. If you live in Greater Seattle area, I may personally deliver the artwork to you.



I am committed to making the entire process so smooth and the artwork so awesome that you will be excited to tell everyone you know!



Tell me all about your vision (please send me description of what you have in mind, your desired artwork size, and image ideas illustrating the desired style and color palette.



Based on the details gathered, I'll send you a written agreement outlining project description, timing, and cost for you to review and sign, if you accept.



Every artwork that I create for my Clients, I design electronically first so that you can preview what the final artwork will look like and tell me if it needs any edits. I will create a digital sketch of the artwork for you, once the Design fee has been paid, as outlined in the Project proposal.


The Gorge - custom portable mural painti

Angela W.

posted on Thumbtack

Tamara painted a beautiful portable 4ft x 8ft mural for our home. We absolutely love it. We gave her two photos and she combined them into one masterpiece. She was excellent with feedback and our last minute ideas. We would recommend her to anyone looking for a stunning piece of custom art.

Project cost: $4,500

Hand-painted custom artwork painted on plywood board

Custom portable mural by Tamara Hergert

Katie M.

posted on Thumbtack

Tamara was so incredibly easy to work with. She always responded quickly to our emails and even hand delivered our piece when the Covid pandemic caused a delay in shipping. We highly recommend her!

Project cost: $1,700

Digitally created artwork printed on canvas roll


Calvin J.

posted on Thumbtack

Tamara most impressively was a very responsive business person in addition to providing what I was looking for on a collaborative project. She contacted me withing several hours of posting my request. Other took days or weeks to get back to me. She provided her artistic interpretation of my idea. All in all a great experience.

Project cost: $450

Large postcard size original ink pen and watercolor drawing

Rohit_-_Gas_Works_Park_Mura by Tamara He

Rohit A.

posted on Thumbtack

Tamara was absolutely wonderful to work with. She captured exactly what I had envisioned and was very accommodating of my recommendations and ideas. The final version that she sent was absolutely beautiful with great attention to detail. I’d recommend Tamara to anyone!

Project cost: $1,500

Digitally created artwork printed on stretched canvas


I would love to hear from you!

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Currently Available for Sale


Peacock oil painting

Black walnut series

Oil on black walnut wood, 20 inches wide x 21 inches long

Tamara Hergert has started a series of oil paintings on black walnut slabs. The first painting in the series, The Peacock, is gorgeous.

It's subtle, yet powerfully beautiful. The painting was inspired by the patterns and swirls that Tamara saw in the wood.


Horse oil painting by Tamara Hergert.JPG

Horse oil painting

Black walnut series

Oil on black walnut wood, 16 inches wide x 29 inches tall

The "Horse" original oil painting was inspired by the patterns and swirls on the black walnut wood slab. The subject matter of the painting symbolizes bond with nature and animals, horses in particular.


Horse and foal painting

Black walnut series

Oil on black walnut wood, 32 inches wide x 27 inches long

The painting was inspired by the patterns and swirls that Tamara saw in the wood. The subject matter of the painting symbolizes bond between parent and child. This idea is emphasized by the shapes of the slabs, where slabs are from two different trees, but they somehow fit together.

Watch a video of how this amazing painting was created.

"Two wolves inside us all...

One is Evil...

The other is Good...

Which one wins?

The one you feed."

[Old Cherokee legend]

Watch a video of how this amazing painting was created.

Live painting event with Tamara Hergert! She created a Game of Thrones themed painting in just 2 hours at "The Round" in Seattle!

The Heroic Masterpiece

Heroic Masterpiece by Tamara Hergert.png

Oil painting

48 inches x 72 inches

Fremont Art Center in Seattle was home to a wildly popular Art show event, Chocolate & Art Show of Seattle, with 1.3K people in attendance. I was one of the few lucky artists showcasing my paintings. Some people told me that I won the event, as "The Heroic Masterpiece" painting was the most photographed, and "selfied" piece at the event.


With Chocolate fountain, live music, and lots and lost of people who came to see the art show, the event was a blast! 

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