Painting: Oil on Black walnut wood slab. Size: 21" High x 20" Wide x 0.8" Deep


Tamara Hergert, a trending Seattle artist who has been creating amazing artworks commissioned by private collectors, has started a breathtakingly beautiful series of oil paintings on luxurious black walnut slabs. The first painting in the series, The Peacock, is gorgeous. The realistic style is captivating; the execution is subtle and powerfully beautiful. 

The painting was inspired by the patterns and swirls on the black walnut wood slab. The subject matter of the painting symbolizes love and attraction, as it's portraying a male peacock with open tail feathers. In the wild, peacocks fan out their feathers as part of courtship ritual to attract a mate. This idea is emphasized by the natural heart shape of the black walnut slab. Black walnut wood is a high-end wood material that boasts rich patterns and colors, as well as superior durability.

"The Peacock" oil painting by Tamara Hergert has been displayed at the June 2017 Art Show at the A/NT Gallery located in the heart of downtown Seattle.

The painting does not require a frame and has a gallery quality heavy duty hanging wire on the back, so it's ready for hanging.

"Peacock" by Tamara Hergert is one of a kind original artwork, it's signed by the artist using a discrete trade marked "Art by Tamara Hergert" signature symbol in the lower right corner.

Original "Peacock" oil painting by Tamara Hergert

  • Please note, this is an original oil painting created by the Artist, Tamara Hergert. If you would like to order an original custom painting, please email the Artist at

© Art by Tamara Hergert. All Copy rights reserved.