Cedar Trees mural for a nursery
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Comment from the Artist:


"This simple and elegant mural was created in a baby boy's nursery at a beautiful house of a young family in Kirkland, WA.  


Collaboration with the Client was a breeze, as she knew exactly what kind of style and look they were going for. I created a sketch of the mural, based on the photos of the room and some images of the cedar trees that the Client provided. The stencil-looking shapes of the trees and a simple flat "raven gray" color was what made the mural look natural and tied the whole nursery decor theme together.

I loved all the decor pieces that the Client chose to decorate her son's room. The teepee tent with hand-made cloth firewood, s'mores, and fire stones are simply adorable! While elegant wicker bassinet and white sheep skin area rug give the room soft and welcoming look.

It took me six hours to complete the mural from start to finish, with the assistance of my friend Claudia Harrison, who is studying to be an Interior Designer."

Watch this short video to see how Tamara Hergert created this amazing mural

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