Bellevue - Seattle skyline and Mount Rainier mural
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Watch this short video to see how Tamara Hergert created this amazing mural

Comment from the Artist:


"Bellevue - Seattle skyline with Mount Rainier" mural is an amazingly beautiful modern style mural created in a waiting area of Bel-Red Auto License office in Bellevue, WA. 


I loved working with the Client, and learning about the history of this family owned business which soon will be celebrating its 40 year anniversary!

The Client had a very clear vision for the mural, so it made it easy to bring her vision to life! I feel honored and grateful to have been commissioned to create this mural, as I was helping the Client create one more piece of her legacy for their family business.


I really enjoyed creating this mural's modern minimalistic style with its clean lines and shapes that is so Bellevue! The color palette consists of monochromatic blues, with a few splashes of evergreen greens. The grey color that we chose for the buildings goes very nicely with the grey color of the carpet and visually extends the space.


During the sketch phase of the project, I suggested to extend the mural to one additional wall and add Mount Rainier there, so that the customers of the Bel-Red Auto License office can enjoy the view while they are waiting in line. 


The mural starts with Bellevue skyline framed by some evergreen trees which transitions into Seattle skyline and Elliot Bay, then there goes the main focal point - Mount Rainier, which is framed on the right side by the evergreen trees.

It took me eight days (four weekends) to paint the mural."

Tamara will be happy to hear from you regarding any mural project that you have in mind.

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