Night and Day mural
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Comment from the Artist:


"Night and day - what an incredibly beautiful idea for a nursery room! The mural features a transition from night to day with the moon on one wall and the sun on the other.


There were many various ways and painting techniques to bring this idea to life, so Clients and I collaborated on the design (they talked, sent me image ideas, and I listened, absorbed, and asked questions). As a result, creating a sketch was easy and fun.

The mural absolutely wows anyone who enters the room! It expands the room visually making you want to sit down and stay for a while.

It took me four days to create this mural.

Review posted on posted on thumbtack by the Client:


Tamara was wonderful! She is extremely talented and a pleasure to work with! We can't wait to introduce our baby to the incredible world she created in our nursery!"

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