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Portable mural printed on a large scale canvas
Diablo lake landscape wallpaper mural by
Diablo lake landscape wallpaper mural by
Diablo lake landscape wallpaper mural by

Comment from the Artist:


"I created this amazing mural of Diablo Lake digitally, based on a stock photo that I purchased and then digitally enhanced for large scale rendering. Then the enhanced image was printed out on large scale peel and stick vinyl panels. In essence, it's a wallpaper mural of a really beautiful photographic landscape that the Clients loved.


The mural came as a set of three overlapping 40-inch wide self adhesive vinyl panels (commercial grade, removable and washable), which my husband and I installed together in four hours. It can be applied to a smooth wall or a window surface.

The Clients wanted a realistic, contemporary looking mural of a landscape for their Your Way Nutrition club in Lacey. Based on their preferences, I recommended a wallpaper mural. The mural looks amazing in their space!

Review posted on posted on thumbtack by the Client:


This experience was far more than amazing from the very first contact with Tamara Hergert. Tamara was knowledgeable, informative, and fair. She did an outstanding job. Along with all of that I feel she had her heart in it. Looking out for our best interest with our Brand New business. I am grateful to have found her. Recommend 10 out of 10.

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