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Painting: Acrylic on Canvas. Size: 36" high x 24" wide x 0.5" deep


Tamara Hergert, a trending Seattle artist who has been creating amazing artworks commissioned by private collectors, has started a captivating Game of Thrones fan art series of paintings. 

"Winter is coming" painting by Tamara Hergert is a really cool piece of Game of Thrones fan art! Jon Snow's direwolf is massive and mysterious, while the shadow of the King of the white walkers adds suspense. For a die hard fan of Game of Thrones books and TV series, it's a must have artwork.

Being a die hard fan of George Martin's books and series herself, Tamara admits that she sits at the edge of her seat when watching a new episode of the Game of Thrones with her husband. "I remember feeling like I was getting a panic attack during the "Battle of Bastards" episode, when Jon Snow almost got crushed during the battle," says the artist. 

"Winter is coming" painting by Tamara Hergert was on display at the June 2017 Art Show at the A/NT Gallery located in the heart of downtown Seattle.

To watch a video, that went viral with 49K views on Magisto and 300 views on Youtube, of how the "Winter is coming" painting was created, please click on the link below:

The painting has gallery quality wire in the back that provides superior durability, and it's ready for hanging. It does not require a frame, but the painting maybe framed, since it's not a deep edge canvas.

Original "Winter is coming" acrylic painting by Tamara Hergert

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Please note, this is an original acrylic painting created by the Artist, Tamara Hergert. If you would like to order an original custom painting, please email the Artist at

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