Clouds on the ceiling shaped as animals, tree in the corner, meadow mural
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Comment from the Artist:


"This adorable wrap-around mural features meadow, clouds shaped as animals and a tree in the corner. It's an amazingly beautiful and relaxing kid's room mural that's gender- and age-neutral, which adds value to the house. The room is painted "serene blue" color and there are some clouds shaped as animals on the walls and the ceiling.
There is a meadow that wraps around the room with some flowers and butterflies. Right above the crib, a half moon is sleeping soundly covered with her blanket, while on the opposite wall, sun is shining bright and happy.

The mural also features a tree in the corner and a pack of geese strolling around (the Client's reminiscence from her childhood). The room looks so much bigger and happier with the mural!

It took me five days to paint this mural."

Tamara will be happy to hear from you regarding any mural project that you have in mind.

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