Washington State Patrol Academy Mural
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Comment from the Artist:


"The 112th State Patrol Trooper graduating class gave an amazing mural as a gift to the Washington State Patrol Training Academy this spring. It was such an honor to be hired for this project and I have gained a whole new level of respect for the state patrol troopers while collaborating with the class on designing the mural and also while painting the mural on site.


Each graduating Trooper Basic Training Class gives a gift to the Washington State Patrol Training Academy, for 2020 year’s class graduation, the cadets decided to have a mural painted on a large garage door inside the gym at the Academy.


They selected me to conquer the task. The class gathered commissioned the mural and met several times to come up with ideas and create a rough sketch of the mural to give me as a guidance. Based on that, I created a sketch of the mural. After the class and the Academy reviewed and approved the mural sketch, I came over to the Academy and created the mural.

It took six days to create this amazing mural!"

Review posted on posted on thumbtack by the Client:


"The 112th Washington State Patrol Trooper Basic Training Class is so pleased to have had the opportunity to work with Ms. Tamara Hergert. Her talent is extraordinary and was so accommodating of every request we had for our mural. It will be a valuable piece of work that will be treasured."

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