Custom Designed Digital Artworks

printed on canvas, vinyl or panels

Canvas Print (ready for hanging)

This option is great, if you want the artwork to be ready for hanging on a wall. 


Maximum size 48 x 84 inches.


Stretched canvas print will be delivered to you in a box, and it will be stretched on a wooden frame, ready for hanging. It will not have decorative framing. A nice variety of decorative framing options is available, if you would like your canvas print to have a frame around it to match your decor.

Canvas Print in a roll

This is an excellent option if you desire the artwork to be easily portable, because it can be just rolled up and placed in a tube. It's up to you how to hang or install the canvas (it can be stretched between plexiglass panels or stretched on a frame).

Maximum size 54 x 84 inches.

Canvas will be delivered to you in a roll, it will not be stretched on a wood frame.


Large Scale Printed Mural

It comes as a set of overlapping 40-inch wide self adhesive vinyl panels; commercial grade, removable and washable). It can be applied to a wall or a window surface.


Sintra panel

It is light weight, perfect for commercial interior/exterior temporary signage and promotional events.


Maximum size 49 x 96 inches.


Foam panel

It is light weight, perfect for commercial signage and promotional events.


Maximum size 49 x 96 inches.


Acrylic print

Super vivid astonishing effect on a smooth glass-like surface, can be cut as in a circular shape or with rounded corners or in a custom shape, with a variety of wall mounting options too.

Maximum size 60 x 96 inches.


Wood print


It has a light wood texture to it, printed on 3/8" (9mm) thick and strong and durable Russian Birch wood.


Maximum size 48 x 60.


Metal print


It has a unique color brilliance, exceptional durability, and a variety of printing finishes and wall mounting options.


Maximum size 40 x 60 inches.

Reasons to get a digitally designed custom artwork print?

Creating an artwork digitally and printing it on another surface allows me to bring my Client's vision to life in a less costly manner (hand-painted artwork costs about two to three times as much as an artwork created digitally and printed on canvas or other materials). Plus, some other materials offer additional functionalities, like light-weightless, portability, shine, or texture. 


This way, my Clients still receive the quality of my painting skills and brush strokes (I draw on my iPad Pro with an Apple Pen) and the print quality is absolutely fantastic because I use Pictorem, which is the best printing company when it comes to the highest quality art prints.


All images on this page are courtesy of the Pictorem team.


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