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Lowe's Centennial Celebration Mural
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Lowe's mural by Tamara Hergert-14
Lowe's mural by Tamara Hergert-8
Lowe's mural by Tamara Hergert-1
Lowe's mural by Tamara Hergert-31
Lowe's mural by Tamara Hergert-23
Lowe's mural by Tamara Hergert-11
Lowe's mural by Tamara Hergert-19
Lowe's mural by Tamara Hergert 5
Lowe's mural by Tamara Hergert 4
Lowe's mural by Tamara Hergert 3
Lowe's mural by Tamara Hergert
Lowe's mural by Tamara Hergert 6
Lowe's mural sketch by Tamara Hergert
Watch this 1 min Timelapse of how the mural was created

Comment from the Artist:


"I was super excited when I received an email from Lowe's team asking me if I would be interested in creating a portable mural for their Centennial celebration. Was I interested? I was jumping up to the ceiling that's how excited and overjoyed I was!


To celebrate its 100th birthday, Lowe's was teaming up with artists in each state to create 100 murals. I was representing Seattle! It was such an honor to work on this project and a true pleasure to collaborate with their team. I was really impressed with how well they managed the entire project from start to finish. 

For Lowe’s Centennial celebration, I created a mural that feels local to Seattle area, reflects how important community is to Lowe’s and showcases the company’s signature colors, gable and centennial color palette.


Several pairs of hands shaping a heart create a focal point of the mural symbolizing community, inclusiveness, and diversity. The mural features Seattle cityscape, Lowe’s gable and signature blue color in the background.


It took me two days to design a sketch and a week to complete the mural from start to finish."

Review posted on posted on Google by the Client:


"I had the pleasure of working with Tamara in 2021 and commissioned a mural to support Lowe’s Home Improvements 100th birthday. She did a fabulous job representing her community and the history of Lowe’s in a beautiful mural. She is extremely talented and we are now hanging her artwork in our corporate office."

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