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Mural Process:

  1. Conversation by text, email or phone – tell me what you want, send me images and ideas, desired mural size, mural work start date, deadline, work hours, etc. I'm always happy to come over to learn about your vision, see the space where you would like the mural to be, give you my ideas and suggestions, and take measurements. So, to schedule an on-site appointment please send me a message and submit a $300 non-refundable deposit, which will be applied to your mural project.

  2. Written Project Proposal – Based on the details gathered, I'll send you a written agreement outlining project description, timing, and cost (price quote) for you to review and sign.

  3. Sketch fee and Process – This fee is due prior to the commencement of the sketch process. Every mural I do is designed electronically first. I offer the client an option to pay just for the sketches first. There is a limit of up to 3 sketches (2 sets of changes to the original sketch), then if there is a change in the direction or any major changes you may be charged extra for an additional set of sketches.

  4. Materials Deposit - 100% payment for materials is due 10 days before the project start date to allow enough time to order the supplies.

  5. Mural Deposit – A 50% deposit is due 10 days before the project start date. The remaining balance is due on the last day of the project.

  6. Painting – After the sketch is approved and the mural deposit is paid, the actual painting begins! On average, it takes about 1-7 days to complete a mural (it all depends on the size and level of detail of the mural).

  7. Final payment – A final payment at completion of the mural.

  8. Photo shoot – After the mural is finished, I do a final photo shoot. The photo shoot is usually scheduled sometime after the completion of the mural, as I prefer having furniture and decor items back in the room, so it assumes its natural look with the mural complementing the look.

  9. Protective coat – (optional and costs extra) - Once the mural is done and the paint has dried out, I will apply a colorless coat of protective finish which will help preserve the mural. I recommend having a protective coat for exterior murals, and kid's playrooms, dining and high traffic areas.

  10. Satisfaction - I'm dedicated to making the painting so awesome and the process so smooth for you that you are compelled to tell everyone you know!


Freya S. posted on thumbtack:

"Tamara was perfect....she worked hard the entire time she was at the house, was flexible with design changes and working with me. She sent me daily updates and pictures of progress everyday, and responded promptly and friendly to all my communication. She also later got in touch with me to see how my children reacted and like their new rooms to follow up. Her artwork really made their new rooms their own, which helps tremendously with the transition of moving."

Jana S. posted on houzz:

"I recently hired Tamara for a really fun project. When I bought my home, it had a koi pond. It was dangerous, my dog fell in it once and that was too close a call so we filled it in. But it was an ugly cement patch in a beautiful courtyard. Tamara painted some Koi on it and it's stunning. Better than I could have imagined. She also did a very cool moss art for me, come the rainy season and it will be incredible"

Maurine W. posted on houzz:

"Tamara painted a mural on our daughter bedroom wall and we love it. She was very professional, easy to work with and worked with our ideas/input seamlessly. We had an idea in our head and she made it into a reality. Our daughter is in love with the mural and is proud to show it to friends/family that come to visit. I would highly recommend Tamara for any type of mural...her work is impeccable and amazing!!!"

Karen H. posted on posted on houzz:

 "Tamara did a fantastic job painting one of the Market Pigs for us....she restored it to its original condition perfectly. She is dependable and reliable..."


Jonah N. posted on yelp:

"Tamara did an amazing job on our Winnie the Pooh nursery. The whole process of getting started with the mural was so smooth. Tamara came to our house for the initial consultation and based on the room measurements, she provided us with a quote. She then provided us with a preliminary sketch of the room and we had some creative discussions. The actual painting of the room took about 5 days and it came out better than we could have ever dreamed. It was amazing to see how the room transformed after each day. The detail and artistry truly can't be fully captured in the pictures. Our friends and family cannot believe how much detail was captured in the mural. Our twin boys are so lucky to sleep in a nursery as beautiful as this one is. They will enjoy this room for years to come. Tamara was so friendly and professional with the entire process. She was open to any ideas we had but she had so much creativity to come up with this specific design. We are so thankful to have found Tamara and hope to use her services again some day in the future."

Paradis R. posted on yelp:

"We contacted Tamara to work on a very large mural for our children's playroom. When we first discussed the project, I had a theme in mind but did not feel like it was the best idea, I just wanted it done. Tamara came, saw the space and gave us an amazing design that I was just thrilled about. As soon as we met her, we knew she was someone we would love to work with. She is very thoughtful about her work: she considers perspective, lighting, function and other elements of the design that, as a non-artist, I never would have thought of. During the project, she was so easy to work with. She was patient when I made requests and extremely open to discussing new ideas or making changes. The project went so smoothly, she finished so quickly and she was extremely neat about the work. It was a pleasure to watch it come to fruition. Our children are absolutely in love with their playroom of course. What's more surprising is that adults love to be in the room as well. Which I know is a testament to Tamara's design, consideration of perspective and her careful, meticulous painting that truly make the mural a work of art. We absolutely, wholeheartedly, enthusiastically recommend Tamara!

BTW, please go to her website to see our awesome playroom, it's the one with the Seattle skyline."

Christal C. posted on houzz:

"We hired Tamara for some restoration-type work in our home. We had done some renovations, including taking a wall down next to our fireplace, and found that, unfortunately, the brick did not go all the way up to the ceiling. Our fireplace is very unique in that the brick was salvaged from Pioneer Square long ago when our house was built. With the brick being so special, it meant that it would be hard to match with new materials. We wondered if the cinder block could be painted to look similar to the rest of the fireplace, and so we contacted Tamara. She was great and very professional, from the project proposal through the completion of the work. We are thrilled with the outcome! Thank you, Tamara, for helping us make our first house our home!!"

Jen R. posted on posted on houzz:

 "Tamara created a custom mural for our nursery and it is outstanding - truly, even better than we imagined! She was very professional, respected our home and completed the whole room in less than a week. Along with the painted Disney mural, she also helped design custom wall decals for a his name (better option than paint for resale value). We would absolutely use Tamara on any future work and the best part is she helps work within your budget."

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