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Princess room mural with fairies, unicorns, butterflies, and clouds shaped as animals
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Pink Princess room mural - kids room mural by Tamara Hergert

Comment from the Artist:


"This pink princess room mural is a wrap-around mural (where each wall has some elements of the mural). The whole room is painted pink with some clouds shapes as animals, fairies, butterflies, and unicorn.

This mural is unique as the client wanted to have some inspirational quotes be part of the mural. I designed the quotes during the sketch process. The quote lettering is made of easy-to-apply removable vinyl, so if the Client decides to move, she can take the quotes with her, while the house property value remains intact.

It took me two days to paint this mural, and two days to apply the stencils."

Tamara will be happy to hear from you regarding any mural project that you have in mind.
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