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Tamara Hergert is an award-winning Artist based in Leavenworth, WA. She has helped numerous people bring their creative ideas to life in shape of amazing Murals, lovely Illustrations, gorgeous Custom paintings, and successful Events.

She has won "Best of Houzz" several years in a row.​

Tamara has done amazing live painting events, including a holiday pop-up mural at Sea-Tac airport for HMS Host, which was featured on TV.
Her paintings have been exhibited at Gray Sky Gallery and A/NT Gallery in Seattle.

She is a founder of the Empowered Artists community where she teaches visual artists how to build and grow a successful Art practice. Listen to the Empowered Artists Podcast here!

her uplifting book the Artist's Success Mindset here.

Tamara is a member of the Society of Children's Books Writers and illustrators. She is a regular attendee and portfolio-showcase presenter at the Society's annual conferences.

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Anna S.

posted on Thumbtack

Tamara did a fabulous job on a mural for our nursery. She was professional, understanding of health and safety precautions during Covid, and a great communicator. She made everything easy and went with the flow when needed. The work she did was beautiful and she is very talented, friendly, and flexible. We appreciated her responsiveness and ease of scheduling/ arranging payment/ willing to work with our needs. I would recommend her for anyone looking for unique and beautiful Artwork. We would also use her for any future projects. Thanks, Tamara!

Rohit_-_Gas_Works_Park_Mura by Tamara He

Rohit, A.

posted on Thumbtack

Tamara was absolutely wonderful to work with. She captured exactly what I had envisioned and was very accommodating of my recommendations and ideas. The final version that she sent was absolutely beautiful with great attention to detail. I’d recommend Tamara to anyone!

The Art of Travel pop-up mural with Tama

Ariane S.

posted on Thumbtack

Tamara was an absolute pleasure to work with on our interactive holiday mural pop-up event at Seattle-Tacoma airport. She designed a beautiful mural that met all our criteria with no problem and was very timely every step of the way during the course of this project. There were some parameters/restrictions that we had to consider given the airport environment and the fact that travelers would be painting the mural but Tamara was very mindful and accommodating. The event execution was flawless and the final product turned out fantastic! The mural was donated to a local charity to stay. Thank you Tamara!

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  • How much does it cost to illustrate a children's book?
    The cost to illustrate a children's book typically ranges between $10,000 and $20,000. If this falls within your expected budget, then the next step is for you to tell me about your book! Tell me about your vision. Let me know answers to all of the questions below, so I can give you an accurate quote on how much it will cost to illustrate your book. Manuscript: Can you please send me the manuscript? I respect your copyright, and this is just so I can see if I would like to illustrate it and have room in my project schedule. At this point, the manuscript does not need to be final, but it definitely needs to be finalized before we sign the Agreement. Printer (if self-publishing): Have you selected a Printer to self publish your book? Which one? Book size, page count, novelty features: How many pages and what size are you picturing the book to be? Will there be any unusual features in the book (flip the flap, touch and feel, fold-out, etc)? Illustrations count: How many illustrations? Would you like some double page spreads (pictures that spread across two pages when the book is open) or single pages or a bit of both? Your vision (illustrative style, color palette and level of detail): Can you please send me some image examples illustrating the desired style for the book (just think of illustrations from your favorite children’s books and see if you can picture this book to be in a similar style? Also, can you email me images from my portfolio toward which you’re gravitating? This will help me get a clear idea of the level of detail and the illustrating style you are looking for. Layout: Are you looking for the illustrations and layout with text or just illustrations and someone else will do the layout for you? Cover design (image, font, layout): Would you like me to reuse an image from the book or create a new image? Would you like me to create hand lettering or a particular font? Would you like me to do the layout or will you have someone else do it? Book promotion images: Would you like me to create a series of 100 images that you can use for marketing and promotion? Illustrator book promotion: Would you like me to promote the book to increase your book sales? Typically, the illustrator gets a 5% royalty fee that goes up to 10% if certain book sales benchmarks are met. If you have a clear idea for your project, I would be delighted to hear from you via email at Thank you for reading! Tamara Hergert
  • How long does it take to illustrate a children's book?
    It takes two to six months to illustrate a children's book, depending on the style and level of detail of the book illustrations, and my current project schedule.
  • How to get a children's book illustrated?
    Here is a step-by-step process how to get a children's book illustrated and how to hire me as your illustrator. Illustrating project scope, timeline and terms identified: We've communicated about your vision for the book illustrations (style, level of detail and color palette). We both have a clear idea of the project scope, timeline, and terms. Finalized Manuscript: Please have your manuscript proofread and finalized. Printer selected: Please select your Printer if you are self publishing, and give me the Printer's contact information, so I can ask them any production-related questions regarding the book layout and printing process. Illustrating Project Agreement signed: I'll send you an Illustrating Project Agreement for review and signing. Book Layout: I will map out the layout of the book with the text and spaces for the single and double page spreads illustrations and send it to you for review and feedback. I typically allow up 3 rounds rounds of changes (any additional changes are billed at an hourly rate), per the agreement. Character design and line-up: I will design the characters and send the preliminary sketches to you for review and feedback. Again, up 3 rounds rounds of changes. Thumbnail sketches (rough black and white sketches): I will create rough sketch ideas of each illustration and send it to you for review and feedback. Again, up 3 rounds rounds of changes. Linear drawings (black and white): I will polish the drawings and these are still going to be in black and white at this point, no color yet. These will be the basis for the colored illustrations and account for any trims and bleeds required by specifications provided by your Printer. I'll send the illustrations to you for review and feedback. Again, up 3 rounds rounds of changes. Painting (in color): This is when I add color to the illustrations and it all really comes to life! I create illustrations digitally in Procreate and Adobe Fresco using iPad Pro and Apple Pen. I'll send the illustrations to you for review and feedback. Again, up 3 rounds rounds of changes. Book design (cover, spine, and back): You can choose to either use one of the illustrations from the book or have me create a custom one for the cover. I can create a custom hand lettering or use a font that you like. I can create the back cover and lay out the spine for you too. Final files delivery: I'll send you the final versions of the illustrations in JPG, PNG, PDF and PSD formats, along with the high-resolution files in CMYK for printing. Celebrate your amazing accomplishment: Yay!!! You have created a children's book! This is a huge accomplishment and a great legacy to leave behind!!! Marketing and Promotion materials: I'll send you 100 images (various work-in-process and final images or videos), so you can promote and market your book. Promotion by the Illustrator: If we've included the Illustrator royalty fee provision into the agreement, then I'll promote the book to increase the sales. Thank you for reading! Tamara Hergert
  • Can you do a live painting event?
    Yes, I do live painting events and I absolutely love them! I do a great deal of prep work in order to do great in front of the crowd. It totally pays off, as I become confident, relaxed, and radiating positive energy artist in front of the audience.
  • How much does it cost to paint a mural?
    The cost of the mural depends on the size, painting style and level of detail. On average, the cost per square footage may range from $25-$100.
  • How long does it take to paint a mural or custom painting?
    On average, it takes me about 3-6 days to paint a mural or custom painting. It all depends on the Client's idea and what my project schedule looks like.
  • How long will it take for mural paint to dry off?
    It takes about 4 hours for paint to get dry, and about 2-3 days for paint odor to air out.
  • Can you create a custom wall decal or stencil?
    Yes! I can create and apply custom wall decals and stencils. I recommend using removable vinyl wall decalls to personalize residential spaces (i.e. when adding a name in a kid's bedroom).
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