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When the student is ready

the teacher appears

Red Painting and Brushes

You can keep settling for what you have or you can get what you want by becoming the Artist you are meant to be.

The choice is yours.

With the right guidance, you can make your dreams and desires come true.

You can be who you want to be.

You can have what you want.

Group Coaching Program

Success as an Artist

Financial Abundance

Red Painting and Brushes

12 weeks to start making real money as an Artist


About me and why I'm doing this

I created this class after receiving an overwhelming amount of requests from other Artists seeking advice on how to make it as an Artist and most importantly how to make real money that makes them feel like their getting paid fairly for their talent, time, and labor. I started commercially painting murals and selling my paintings very early in my life. I sold my first painting when I was a teen, and had a generous portfolio of mural projects by the age of 20, all while earning a Bachelors and then a Masters degree in Accounting. Why Accounting, you would ask? Well, I followed my Mom's advice, when she said, "You will get a business knowledge and you'll always have a job."

So, that's what I did, with lots of loathing at first and later with enthusiasm and disbelief that I was studying to be an Accountant. I got so pumped about it, that after moving to the US about 12 years ago, I got a CPA license here and started working in the Accounting Profession. It was a great, steady job, with impressive career prospects, but there was something tugging inside of me. I started asking myself, why looking at my hand-painted coffee mug, or other people's artworks, or murals made me feel so sad. It took me six months of asking myself two questions, while driving home in my car, "Who am I?"  and "What do I really want?", to finally admit to myself that I am an Artist in my heart, and that's what I am want to do. As soon as I resolved to become a working Artist making enough money to support my family, it all started falling into place. There were thousands of tiny daily baby steps and huge leaps of faith into the unknown, but my life on this end of the abyss is as glorious and satisfying as I had imagined it. Along this journey, I have developed business and money making skills "on steroids", and I feel like I should share them with my Creative tribe to help you reach the abundance of money that you want and deserve. I have designed this program to include positive affirmations and meditation practice, so you can achieve your goals faster.

Red Painting and Brushes

12 weeks to start making real money as an Artist

How the program works

I created this program to help other Artists like me get themselves out of financial and creative misery and start creating the life they always wanted to live. You deserve money and success. You have so much awesomeness to share with the world. And you know what? The world needs you to step up your game, and start making real steps toward your vision, so you can become the Artist you were always meant to be and share your awesomeness with the world! In return, the world will gladly give you what you want.

1 Weekly Video Coaching

Every week you receive one or more videos from me, where I share my secrets of building an authentic brand, attracting great clients that adore you and projects that make you pee your pants with excitement, as well as marketing that makes you feel great and actually works! We work on busting through your fears, identifying negative thoughts and beliefs that keep you trapped, and creating new positive beliefs and affirmations that will propel you to a whole new realm of infinite possibilities. We

 work on keeping your new beliefs, energy and focus strong on one goal that you really want to achieve during this program.

1 Weekly Worksheet

Every week you receive one worksheet with short practice exercises. To do the exercises, you set a stop watch to complete the exercises in 10 minutes. This way you are totally focused, get the most out of the exercises, and not wasting your time.

1 Weekly Live Group Webinar with Q & A

Every week you receive an invitation to participate in a live group webinar with me, where I talk about a certain topic and then answer any of your questions that you submit via a live chat.

1 Weekly Meditation MP3

Every week you receive a downloadable MP3 file with a meditation centered around a positive thought that helps you connect with yourself and achieve your desired results faster.


1 payment of $298

the program starts on March 16th, 2019th

Receive my 10 Secrets to Making Money as an Artist for FREE

Tamara Hergert - My intentions.JPG

I want to realize my full potential by helping you find your way to AWESOMENESS.

I want to empower you to stop being a victim of your circumstances.

I want to inspire you to start walking your true path by being the Artist that you really are and doing what you are meant to do.

I want to teach you how to become best friends with Money!


Tamara Hergert

My intentions

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