Chalk Art mural for an Ice Cream Cafe
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Comment from the Artist:


"It was such a great pleasure creating this very cool chalk art mural for a very hip rolled ice cream cafe, now called Cold Plate, previously known as Juicy Spot.


I feel so blessed with getting to know so many absolutely wonderful people through my projects! Joyce Koo, the business owner and her family touched my heart. It was so great to see how they all worked to create this awesome ice cream place in the UW district.

One of my Mentees, Claudia Harrison, assisted me with creating the mural.


It took me five days to complete the mural from start to finish."

Review posted on posted on thumbtack by the Client:


"Tamara is a great artist, it’s worth paying her for on-site appointment. She gave us professional advices, ideas and work really well with communication till I am satisfied. Her work is so amazing that I can’t describe it with words and I totally love it! Definitely will recommend Tamara for future reference!"

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