We will meet weekly for 1 hour for 24 weeks to work on figuring out who you really are and what you really want. We will create a plan of action for you to get what you want and to help you become who you want to be. You will start making daily steps to get yourself on your true path.


We will track your progress and celebrate your successes and analyze your failures, so you can learn from them. We will work through your fears, negative thoughts and beliefs, and reveal them for the illusions that they really are. We will create positive thoughts, beliefs and affirmations that will set you on fire and propel you towards creative and financial success.


I will teach you how to attract amazing clients, projects and make crazy good money. We will analyze your relationship with money and bust your limiting beliefs around money. We will create new positive beliefs and affirmations about money. You will learn how to make your dreams come true and attract money with effortless ease.

ROCK STAR coaching program with Tamara Hergert


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