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Masterclass event

Eat, Pray, Love to draw

with Tamara Hergert


to reserve your seat at one event

Eat, Pray, Love to draw watercolor sketc

Only 5 Masterclass

events left this year!

See dates below:

Sunday, July 28th

Sunday, August 18th

Sunday, August 25th

Sunday, September 1st

Sunday, September 8th

Events locations and time:

Bellevue Masterclass:

Sunday, 11 am till 1 pm

Location: Bellevue Downtown Park

10201 NE 4th St, Bellevue, WA 98004

Burien Masterclass:

Sunday, 3 pm till 5 pm

Location: Seahurst Park in Burien

1600 SW Seahurst Park Rd, Burien, WA 98166

Eat, Pray, Love to draw sketch - ducks b

What is this Masterclass about?

This Masterclass is about slowing down, giving time to yourself to be present, to explore and ignite your creativity, to look at things and really see them, because when you are sketching that's what you do... you start noticing things that you have never noticed before. We meditate and we eat snacks, and we learn various watercolor sketching techniques, we allow ourselves to experiment. The Masterclass is outdoors, it's relaxing and empowering, there is no judgement, no comparison. It's you and your sketchbook, the world around you waiting to be noticed, and your creativity waiting to be unleashed! 



Jonathan W. posted on thumbtack:

I really loved this class. Taking the time to relax, meditate, talk, and practice drawing and watercolor technique on the shoreline with Tamara was very inspiring. Tamara has a nice blend of excellent demonstration and supportive instruction across several media and really encourages experimentation with the art. I honestly felt I had improved after just one session. Tamara is kind, talented, funny, and a great communicator and makes the class enjoyable for the duration by really showing her passion for her own art and for my opportunity to learn. Relative to logistics, instructions for arriving and navigating to meet Tamara were easy to follow and the supplies and seating arrangements were high quality. I highly recommend this class for any level of artist. It really focus on the love of making art and enjoying and being inspired by nature.

Julie F. posted on Facebook:

I just joined the class in Bellevue. It was a total delight! I learned exactly what the description says! Once the class activities were completed, there was time for self exploration. So enjoyable!


Alison B. posted on thumbtack:

"Loved the art class at the beach taught by Tamara. Every detail was covered from art supplies, snacks provided, comfortable seating and interactive discussion and teachings. I loved how Tamara opened the class with a 10 minute meditation. It was just the class I needed to spark my joy of painting especially out in nature.."

Nick B. posted on thumbtack:

"Amazing class by Tamara. Very well thought out and organized, while still giving students the ability to express themselves creatively. Would highly recommend for any skill level from beginner to advanced."

What you'll learn in each Masterclass:

  • Watercolor "wet on dry" technique

  • Watercolor "wet on wet" wash technique

  • Watercolor pencils techniques

  • Fine liner (black pen) technique

  • Mixed media technique (watercolor, watercolor pencils, black pen)

  • Drawing or landscape using watercolors or watercolor pencils

What you'll need to bring to the Masterclass event:

List of supplies for the class:

  • Watercolor sketchbook

  • Watercolor brush pen

  • Watercolor pencils

  • Watercolor paint travel set

  • Black pen

  • HB pencil

  • Eraser

Where you can get it:

You can buy it here for $99 and I will have it ready for your Masterclass

What about a camping chair for the Masterclass?


There is no need for you to bring your own camping chair, as I will bring camping chairs for all the attendees! 

They are super comfortable, have a canopy that can be put up or down, and are very easy to set up, but take a few minutes and some patience to fold back into its carrying bags.

Will an event be cancelled due to bad weather?

The event will continue rain or shine and each attendee will have a camping chair with a canopy to protect themselves from sun or rain. However, an event may be cancelled due to really windy or rainy conditions. I will monitor the weather and will text and email you if an event is cancelled. If the event is cancelled, you will need to sign up for another event to make up for a missed day. If we can't reschedule, you will be issued a full refund for the missed event. You can cancel or reschedule your participation in a class up to 3 days before the event date.

Where should I park and where will the Event be set up?

Parking at Bellevue Downtown Park:

There are two parking lots for the Bellevue Downtown Park. Both are within close proximity to the Inspiration Playground:

  • The main lot is on 100th Avenue NE, and the entry is close to the mid-block of 100th between NE 4th Street and NE 1st Street.

  • The secondary lot is on NE 1st Street close to the intersection of NE 1st and 100th Avenue NE.  This lot is immediately adjacent to the playground.

Here is a close up image of the Bellevue Downtown Park where you can see Parking lots and Event set up locations.

Bellevue event.jpg

Here is a map showing Bellevue Downtown Park:

Parking at Seahurst Park in Burien:

There are two parking lots for the Seahurst Park in Burien:

  • Upper Parking lot (on your left right after you enter the park)

  • Lower Parking lot (closer to the beach)

I recommend that you drive all the way down to the Lower Parking lot to see if there is a parking space there (sometimes you may be in luck). If it's full, then park in the Upper Parking lot.

Here is a close up image of the Seahurst Park where you can see Parking lots highlighted in yellow and Masterclass Meeting location (find a smiley face on the map):

Seahurst park map.jpg

If you have registered for a Masterclass at the Seahurst Park, please watch this video which will walk you through to the class meeting spot:

Here is a map showing Seahurst Park in Burien:

Inspired by the iconic memoir by Elizabeth Gilbert "Eat Pray Love" this weekly drawing class series will help you explore your creative nature and learn to draw and sketch with watercolor pencils and watercolors. 

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